November 22nd, 2015


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LIBBY OF HIGH HOPES Project Blue Ribbon


Some of the most difficult horses make the best teachers.

   Libby Thump eats, sleeps and breaths horses and she’s trying to become a really good rider. Her friend Sal, who owns High Hopes Horse Farm, lets Libby ride his retired show jumper, Princess. Libby and Princess are an inseparable pair.

   Then one day Sal says Princess is getting older and needs a rest. That leaves Libby with Saddleshoes, the badly behaved pony with the terrible reputation. Libby also hears that High Hopes Horse Farm needs more boarders or else Sal will be out of business.

   Libby is determined to help Sal who has always helped her. So she devises a plan called Project Blue Ribbon hoping that if she wins at the horse shows the stable will become better known.

   But does Libby have what it takes to ride the wild Saddleshoes?

   And will determination and winning blue ribbons be enough?

   This second book in the Libby of High Hopes series featuring text and illustrations from Elise Primavera, of Auntie Claus and Ms. Rapscott’s Girls acclaim, will appeal to anyone who loves horses—or who ever wondered if they had the potential to be really good at what they love.

LIBBY2 final chapter 23

LIBBY2 final chapter 17

LIBBY2 final chapter 20b

LIBBY2 final chapter 17

LIBBY2 final chapter 15

LIBBY2 final chapter 12

LIBBY2 final chapter 8

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