Making Mistakes on Purpose

It’s hurricane season at Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents and this time the lesson is: “How To Go Far In Life.” But there are more troubles brewing this semester than there are storms which blow in and out every few days. New girl Dahlia Thistle joins the class and is having problems fitting in, Fay has been mistakenly shipped to the wrong place and Mr. Everbest has become busy. Then he loses all the boys and it seems the only one who can help is Ms. Rapscott, Lewis and Clark and her girls!

“This sequel enhances the story, gives deeper life to characters, and provides a greater depth in the novel’s setting.” —School Library Journal

“Quirky and whimsical…. Reminiscent of classic tales such as Pippi Longstocking and Mary Poppins, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy subtle humor sandwiched by warm-hearted lessons.”—School Library Connection



Below are sketches for interior art. All are done on tracing paper with charcoal pencils.


Great rapscott day cover sketch with title

Rapscott 2 color cover sketch 4 with banner

Rapscott 2 blowing wind 2

Rap 2 sketches Lewis and Stanley

Rapscott 2 Balloons

Rapscott 2 Barrel sketch

Rapscott 2 sketch boat